Technical Training Programs

NFAR is offering technical training programs specifically designed to advance technical skills for young adults with autism.

These programs combine instructor-lead, hands-on training with real life applications, helping to build confidence, expertise and experiences that can lead to careers within the ever-growing and important field of software testing, computer programming and other technical professions.

Our program is located in San Diego, California

The NFAR Technical Training model integrates employee skills development into a technical skills curriculum all within a learning space designed to mimic a high tech office environment.

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Why Technology Training is Important

At NFAR, we recognize the need to make technology training and real work experiences available to those with autism in our community.


Autism affects 1 in 68 people in the United States.  30 - 50% of those diagnosed with autism are considered high functioning (HFA) and have skills that would be a good fit for the technology field.  Due to lack of understanding, they are often overlooked by employers.  And unemployment for those with autism is as high as 85%.

NFAR is Working to Change this

Research has shown that many persons with autism and Asperger's Syndrome are good at technical jobs. In a CBS News article June 10, 2014, Specialisterne Founder Thorkil Sonne states "Employees with autism tend to be highly intelligence, skilled at technical applications, with high attention to detail on repetitive tasks. " Technology companies around the globe are now finding that hiring those with autism and Asperger's Syndrome is a benefit for both the company and the employee.

Companies such as SAP, Freddie Mac and Microsoft are finding that software testing is a natrual fit for those with HFA as it plays to their strengths of:

- Technical Aptitute

- Logical Thinking Patterns

- Inclination for Repetitive Work

- Excellent Memory

- Attention to Detail

- Acute Visual Perception

But where can someone with autism or Aspergers Syndrome learn the skills needed to work in the high tech industry? That's where NFAR is making a difference with access to training in software testing and other technical skills in San Diego.

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