NFAR hosts Educational Workshops for educators and families each year.  These Workshops offer participants opportunities to network as well as to learn about resources and classroom strategies proven successful for teaching students with autism.


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Some past Workshops Topics addressed include:

  • Effective Strategies in the Classroom
  • Friday Special Interest Clubs
  • PRT Training in the Classroom
  • Handling Difficult Behaviors
  • Paths to Inclusion
  • Promoting Positive Behavior and Communication in the Classroom
  • Challenging the Quiet Ones
  • Integrated Play Groups
  • Effective Use of Activity Schedules
  • Token Economy Systems
  • Implementing and Evaluating Evidence-Based Practices
  • Technology in the Classroom (iPads, iPods, Smartboards, Video Modeling and Apps for Autism)
  • Adult Transition; The Importance of Transition Training
  • School-Based Social Skills Training for Adolescents with ASD: The PEERS Program
  • Use of Written Scripts to Increase Social Skills in Adolescents with Autism
  • Developing Oral and Written Workplace Communication Skills
  • Teaching Life Skills: Collaboration in Education
  • Preparing Youth with Autism for College
  • Young Adults Autism Panel Discussion
  •  Non Public Schools