Through our Community Projects Program, NFAR is collaborating with various organizations and agencies to bring new solutions to our community.  To date, NFAR has funded over 50 major initiatives, all of which provide increased learning and treatment opportunities to help children with autism. 

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Program areas include:

  • Early Identification and Treatment
  • Educational Programs
  • Social Skills Programs
  • After-School Programs
  • Adult Training

NFAR initiated the Community Projects Program in 2005. in order to accomplish the following objectives. 

  • Accelerate the development, investigation and implementation of innovative programs and treatments
  • Fund studies to demonstrate the efficacy of current treatments and educational programs
  • Fund development of early screening techniques for autism
  • Bring community resources together in a coordinated approach to address autism needs
  • Close the resource gaps for under-served populations

To learn more about the types of community projects NFAR is supporting click on the links below:

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