Adult Vocational Training Program


An Integrated Vocational Training Program specifically designed for those with Asperger and High Functioning Autism interested in gaining employment in the high tech field.
NFAR's Tech offers those with autism an opportunity to gain technical skills in a supportive and hands-on environment. Courses are designed to expose and enhance interest in the high technology field, while building skills and understanding of technical applications and the work environment.  
Training includes instruction and application of basic office software to software languages while strengthening problem solving and critical thinking skills, and exercises to build self-confidence.

The course prepares the participant for a position as an entry level Software QA Tester in the high tech industry, and also prepares the student to take the Software Testing Qualification Board test and gain the Certificate in Testing - Foundation Level (CTFL).

 Accepting Applications for the next session:

 Only 12 participant spots available.
If you are interested in this program, please fill out the following information. We will consider candidate in the order of the receipt of the information/application:
1. Please fill out our Online Interest Form
2. Download and Fill out the Program Application Form
3. Department of Rehab Clients - Contact us and we will provide information to take to your counselor.
  This Program is for:TechTrainingOS

Young adults 18+ (High School completion or GED/Certificate) that are:

• Transitioning from school to work
• Preparing for Community College, or
• Post College and Preparing to Work
• Interested in in the high tech field
• Able to follow instructions independently in an open classroom setting.
• Ask questions and seek help when needed.
Course Adaptations: Courses are a ratio of 6:1, specifically tailored to the interest of those with autism, with a focus on vocational skills attainment.
Format: Activity based, hands-on learning. Instructor lead course. Real work assignments in an office environment. Selected computer based learning assignments.


The Integrated Vocational Training Program includes technical training, soft skills training, office skills training, vocational experience and job search preparation.
The Integrated Vocational Training Program brings together these elements needed to make these individuals ready for employment:

Technical Training in Software Quality Assurance Testing processes, including preparation and testing for industry recognized certification (ISTQB-CTFL) in a growth industry. Participants will hone their skills testing iPhone Apps, webpages and devices, and will document errors so they can be fixed as part of the software development effort.


Soft Skills Training to give them awareness and tools to successfully interact in the workplace. The soft skills curriculum is based on the SUCCESS program, a social communication skills program combining evidence-based cognitive enhancement and an executive functioning skills curriculum to help adults with ASD improve the necessary "soft skills" to find and keep competitive work. This program is developed by the Child and Adolescent Services Research Center at Rady Children's Hospital.

Office Skills Training in everyday skills needed at work, including MS Office application suite, timekeeping and time management, work management, office communication, and work etiquette.

Vocational Experience – the participants gain work experience thru hands-on work and projects that demonstrates and reinforces the training and skills to be learned, all in a simulated work environment. The projects are selected to expose the participant to real work examples that they would encounter in industry, and are recognizable by potential employers. The high tech work environment also reinforces the social skills and interaction of the workplace in working with peers and supervisors.

Internship – Participants will have a paid internship with a local employer. Internship would last 160 hours and it could be configured as a fulltime work experience or a part-time work experience, depending on the participant’s needs and the employer’s needs.

Job Search Preparation – Participants learn

about the job market in this field and prepare and update their resume to reflect their new training and experience. They also prepare a work portfolio to help them in their interview process. Industry guess speakers and tours will enhance the participants understanding of the workplace and industry.

Small group setting – 12 participants max with at least 2 instructors.
Program Length – 7 Months + 160 hour work internship
Meeting Frequency - 3 sessions/week x 3 hour sessions
Location - San Diego, California
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