Books and References



Aspergers and High Functioning Autism

  • Asperger's SyndromeA Guide for Parents and Professionals - by Tony Attwood
  • Asperger's and Girls - by Tony Attwood and Temple Gradin
  • Functioning Autism and Asperger Syndrome - by Rebecca A. Moyes
  • Learning to Live With High Functioning Autism: A Parent's Guide for Professionals - by Mike Stanton


Personal Stories

  • Andy & His Yellow Frisbee - by Mary Thompson
  • A place for Noah - by Jos Greenfield
  • For The Love of Ann -by James Copeland
  • I love my brother!! - by Connor Sullivan
  • Ian's Walk - by Laurie Lears
  • Let Me Hear Your Voice: A Family's Triumph over Autism - by Catherine Maurice


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