2017 NFAR Community Project Awards

  • 28 February 2017


NFAR is pleased to announce our 2017 Community Project Grant awards. 

Each year, funds raised by the Race for Autism help to support autism programs and new initiatives in our community. Together, we have supported over 84 major initiatives, increasing the learning, social, training and employment opportunities for those with autism in San Diego.


The eight 2017 Community Project Grant recipients include:

 - Autism Tree Project Foundation "The Effect of Group Music Therapy on Social Communicative Interactions: A Pilot Study": The purpose of this pilot is to provide a 10 week music therapy playgroup to underserved families of children with autism (ages 3 - 5 years) and measure the effects music therapy has on preschool concept development and social communicative skills. 

Include Autism -" Educational Equipment for Nonpublic Transition School": This project would provide educational equipment, teaching materials and supplies (including i-Pads and a Promethean Interactive White Board) needed for Include Autism's multi-disciplinary, community-focused nonpublic school for transition age youth with autism.

-Intricate Mind Institute" Enhancing Driving Skills for Individuals with ASD through Group Cognitive Behavioral Intervention": Driving is an important step towards independence for those with HFA.  This Cognitive-Behavioral intervention for Driving (CBID) integrates cognitive strategies with behavioral strategies with one-on-one driving simulator practice.  NFAR is purchasing the driving simulator equipment and software needed for this project.

-New Village Arts, Inc "Monday Night Live! and The Little Prince Project" New Village Arts has created two programs for young adults with autism; Monday Night Live! introduces students to the techniques of acting, improvisation and sketch comedy emphasizing cooperation and creativity. The Little Prince will take students through a rehearsal and performance production while applying the skills learned in Monday Night Live!

- Rady Children's Hospital Autism Discovery Institute - "Examining the effectiveness of a community-based inclusion preschool program for children with ASD" This study is follow-up to prior research that documents the effectiveness of inclusion for toddlers with ASD, and examines how well the inclusion based model is working for those at the preschool level.

- San Diego Natural History Museum — "SPECTRUM Social Stories" This program was designed to create better accessibility of the arts and culture of Balboa Park museums to those with autism.  Working with museum staff, high-functioning young adults with ASD will create both written and video based social stories for 7 Balboa Park museums. This grant will help to support this effort.

- Somali Family Service of San Diego — "San Diego Somali Autism Awareness Initiative"  Somali Family Service of San Diego will provide monthly educational forums with host speakers, a variety of family activities, transportation and translation services etc. to families of the East African community in San Diego who have a child with autism.  The forums are structured to empower autism families with information and support.

- Vista Hill Stein Education Center– “Parent Helping Hands Support Group Project" Stein Education Center provides educational, after-school, and pre-vocational service to children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders and similar conditions. SEC initiated a Parent Support Group that provides a way for parents of special needs students to be more engaged in their child's educational program -bringing them together to create materials, weighted articles, etc. to be used in the classrooms.